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Helping you evolve within professional behaviour practice...

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Helping your practice evolve

Loftus & Wild is an established professional mentoring and supervision service for animal behaviourists and trainers in the UK and internationally.

We want you to feel confident in your behaviour work at all levels.

All behaviourists will sometimes face ethical dilemmas, client issues, will undertake Veterinary liaison - all to ensure we can support pets and their owners with their problems.


All too often a behaviourist can feel overwhelmed and under pressure, with limited 'safe spaces' in which to discuss concerns.


Feeling like an impostor? You are not alone in this!


We have worked with many supervisees and have run our own private behaviour practices for many years. We understand the dilemmas we all can face. We work with you in a structured way, to address issues, celebrate the positives in your work and help you set goals for the future.


Skill development and case support

We offer at all levels:

  • Case supervision and discussion of your current cases, and past case examples for anyone not yet seeing cases.

  • Practical advice for clear treatment plans and reports

  • Practitioner skills - both practical and consulting

  • Running a behaviour practice - efficiently and ethically, including approaches to business.

  • Communicating with clients and vets

  • Moving forward with industry registration and links

  • Signposting for wider support

  • Best practice for all aspects of your working role

  • Helping you with dilemmas - using reflective practice skills to help clarify options for action.


and most of all, helping you to build resilience in a confidential and supportive environment.


Supervisor training courses

We offer training for would-be supervisors and mentors within an established professional framework.

Will you be able to support me?

Support is available at all stages of your development, career and behaviour practice whether long established, just starting out or at earlier stages of study.

Take a look at our Mentoring Support Options or our Courses in Behaviour practice and Supervisor Training or why not Contact Us to find out more about how we can support you?

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Loni Loftus CCAB and Karen Wild CCAB are experienced Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourists (CCAB's) who specialise in canine, feline and equine behaviour. 

Between them they have over 40 years practical experience in animal behaviour, welfare and training as well as in their roles as supervisors, mentors, coaches and assessors.

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