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What we can offer you

We provide supportive, confidential supervision and mentoring services for all professionals within the animal behaviour and training industry.

Our core aim is to develop your skills and share experience in a way that meets your working goals, so that you can support your clients and their pets in the best way possible.

Reflective practice for cases, resilience in the ethical dilemmas that behaviour practice often delivers, and ongoing development for you and your business - in an approachable, collaborative and supportive structure.

We have trained, supervised, assessed and mentored many practitioners at all levels for many years. We believe our profession deserves support and respect, and will always strive for strong ethics and best practice for all.

Supervision and mentoring support for:

  • Those thinking of joining the Clinical Animal Behaviour (and/or Animal Training) profession.

  • Students wishing to build case knowledge and practitioner skills

  • Those new to the profession

  • Those already in the profession

Mentoring and Supervision of ongoing practice can be tailored to meet each individuals requirements. 

Supervision and Mentoring Training

Loftus & Wild offer training and development for those becoming, or already in practice as Supervisors and Mentors.

Take a look below - you can make good use of supervision support at any level!

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Are you a student about to graduate from your animal behaviour degree?

We can help you develop an action plan to reach your animal behaviour industry goals.

This includes industry specific advice, business planning, working with clients and referring vets, what services to provide and developing your areas of specialism. 

We can offer past case studies in specific topics should you wish to develop a 'real life' feel to your future professional role.


Is your practice relatively new (1-3 years)?

We can help you work towards accreditation, provide case supervision, business planning and support for you and your clients in this unique industry. 

It can be daunting in this phase, but supervision and mentoring gives you the platform - and sometimes the cushion - to ensure you are doing the best for your clients and for yourself.

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Are you an experienced practitioner who would appreciate the opportunity to discuss cases and receive peer-to-peer support? Concerned about burn out? Need support on a complex case?

We are friendly, approachable and above all provide a confidential safe space for you to talk over every aspect of your behaviour practice. Even at an experienced level, we face daunting situations - supervision helps you keep the balance we all need.

You may also want to use your skills to become a supervisor yourself - we offer training and courses to help you structure this aim.


Are you an education provider who would like to book careers advice for the industry?

We are experienced educators with a passion for sharing our knowledge with students interested in the field.


We can offer bespoke career information or more broad introductory talks in addition to subject specific lectures and seminars. 

We also offer Behaviour Supervisor/Mentorship training, accessible to any education provider for their staff wishing to develop this role.

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