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Supervision and Mentoring Training Workshops

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Key Skills for

Supervisors and Mentors

Building your best practice to support others working in Clinical Animal Behaviour


2 x 1.5hr Training Workshops

led by Loni Loftus CCAB and Karen Wild CCAB

Weds 2nd Nov and Thurs 10th Nov 2022

at 7.30pm

Cost: £45 (2 Sessions)

Are you working as a supervisor/mentor in Clinical Animal Behaviour, or would like to develop this role?

Build your Supervision and Mentoring skills and a solid framework for supporting other practitioners in these two focused training workshops with Loni Loftus CCAB and Karen Wild CCAB

Loni and Karen have extensive experience and training in both coaching, supervision, mentoring and assessment. They hold close ties with many organisations within the Clinical Animal Behaviour and animal training industry, as well as having long-established, successful behaviour practices.

A supervisor has multiple roles, but these are best maintained within a clear structure and can require a range of skills. These training workshops are aimed to build structure and maintain best practice standards for supervisors. We aim to help you avoid common pitfalls and to build your awareness about how informal agreements may not be the best way forward. Supervision and mentoring is a service that anyone can offer without appropriate standards, training or skill, and can leave vulnerable practitioners open to unrealistic promises and expectations.

Now is the time for us to move positively towards the best standards we can offer for those we supervise and mentor, helping them to support their clients and their pets in their own behaviour practices.

"As 'Loftus and Wild - Animal Behaviour Supervision and Mentoring', we have adopted solid standards of supervision and mentoring practice, along with sensible, structured approaches for supervision and mentoring in the Clinical Animal Behaviour field".


"We aim to encourage our supervisees, with an approachable but formal structure, giving them the support they need to provide the best client care".

Key Skills for Supervisors and Mentors in Clinical Animal Behaviour


  • Are you working as, or thinking of starting to supervise and mentor others in the behaviour industry?

  • Not sure whether or not you are ready, or thinking you may not know if your supervision/mentoring delivers the best support?


These training workshops are designed to equip you with the preparation and underpinning skills to ensure that you, and anyone you supervise, are getting the best from this process.

  • Provides a solid foundation for supervision and mentoring best practice in our industry to support and benefit all our colleagues and peers and of course, clients.

  • Workshop-based learning in order to develop your existing skills as well as targeting areas of development and goal-setting.

  • Worksheet provided after each session for reflective practice in between sessions, and subsequent group discussion at sessions.

  • Practising supervision skills actively within a session to allow tutor and peer interaction

  • Completion of this training brings the opportunity to join as a listed practitioner on the Supervision Standards in Clinical Animal Behaviour Register,  held and maintained by Loftus and Wild, following a formal assessment (optional, more details will be given during the sessions).

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